Actors and Musical Theatre Agents Melbourne


Are there fees to join IWM?
No. The only fees associated with being represented by IWM are the subscription fees for the Showcast and Casting Networks websites.

What commission do you charge?
As a member of the Australian Drama Agents Association, an industry body that exists to regulate and promote proper practice amongst drama agents, IWM charges the industry standard – 11% (inc GST) for all theatre, film and TV drama work and 16.5% (inc GST) for television commercials and corporate work. Please note also that IWM has a policy of charging commission on the entire run of play for live theatre and musical theatre.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes. As a condition of representation you will agree to maintain a current subscription to Casting Networks and Showcast at all times, to keep your headshots and CV up-to-date, and to be contactable at short notice.

How many actors does IWM represent?
Approximately 100.

As an existing member of Centrestage Children’s Agency, am I guaranteed entry into Ian White Management when I turn 20?
No. Entry into IWM will depend upon your skill level, training undertaken, and our assessment of your professionalism. Some concessions are made for young performers – both by us in the agency and by industry professionals – but those concessions necessarily cease to be extended to adult performers. We therefore have to be sure that you are ready to follow through your commitment to performing as a career and that you will represent the adult agency in a positive and professional light. Decisions are made on an individual basis.